(Sp. model spelled same [kuɲáðo] < Latin cognatus 'blood relative' < natus 'born' and con 'together'. The term originally meant any kind of relative, and later came to mean 'brother-in-law')
   Bentley: 1836. The General Spanish term for a brother-in-law. It was also used jocularly for the suitor of one's sister, or future brother-in-law. Bentley says that it "is well-known by Southwesterners with a knowledge of Spanish." Galván notes that in Chicano Spanish it is used to address a friend who has a sister and to imply that the speaker is interested in dating her. Cobos indicates that in New Mexico and Southern Colorado Spanish it means a "pal, chum, friend, or protégé." A cowboy with a Mexican girlfriend would have received this form of address from her brothers and others.

Cowboy Talk. A Dictionary of Spanish Terms. . 2013.

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